What To Look For In The Second Hand Vehicle You Are Buying?

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There are a number of instances that people have landed up in trouble after buying a second-hand car. There are a number of issues you need to check out when you buy these vehicles. So, here is a will give you the right DVLA tips when you buy a new vehicle.

The cars which are bought second hand may be stolen, or have a negative history associated with it If you fail to get in touch with the right vehicle, there are chances that you will land up in trouble. So, the best way to avoid such a situation is to go through the papers and find out the details about the registration of the car.


How To Find Out That The Person You Are Buying The Vehicle From Owns The Car?

  • In order to make sure that you are buying the car from the original owner, go through the details provided in the registration documents. Get the details verified by the authorities and make that the phone number provided in the advertisement belongs to the owner. This will eliminate any risk in case the person is not the rightful owner of the vehicle.
  • You need to check out the vehicle in the daylight, preferably at the home of the owner. When you find that he is familiar with the vehicle and knows the details well, you will be sure that he is the actual owner of the vehicle.
  • Apart from these, you need to ensure that he is familiar with the controls of the vehicle. Unless he is expert in knowledge about all the little details of the car, you will not be able to make sure that he is the actual owner of the car.

Look Out For The Following Things Inside The Car:

  • The engine of the car is the main thing you need to look out for. Sometimes the cars which are stolen are altered with the engines of other cars. If needed, take the help of an expert. So, you will be able to make sure that the car is original. The engine, if changes, will indicate something really fishy about it.
  • You also need to check out if all the locks open with the same key. Sometimes, the thieves tend to change the locks, and you will not be able to understand it until it is too late.
  • Apart from these, you need to look out for signs of damage or forced entry into the vehicle. If there are signs of damage to the doors or other areas, you need to be alert. Also, you should check out for the petrol cap. It has to be the original one, not a replaced piece.


Keeping all these factors at the back of your head, you need to proceed with the purchase of a new vehicle. At the time of purchase, it is better to take someone experienced with you, who knows all the DVLA guideline and it will be effective in terms of expertise.

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Tips To Crack The DVLA Theory Test

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If you are learning how to drive, the theory exam of the DVLA test is of immense importance. Unless you pass the theory art, you will not be allowed to appear for the practical exam. When you want to hit the road, you need to pass both these examinations. There are basically MCQ type questions in the theory exam, followed by some perception-based questions. You need to be skilful in both these aspects. Here are some tips that you will find useful when you brace up for the theoretical examination.


Focus On The Hazard Spotting:

This is an important part of the examination that will need a good perception. You will need a good conception of the matter when you plan to rack the test. There are a lot of questions, critical in nature related to the spotting of hazards on the road. Be prepared with this part and brush it up really well. So, when you are well prepared with the critical part that needs perception, you will really benefit a lot.

Increase The Hours:

There are thousands of probable multiple choice questions that you need to practise. The more you practise, the sharper will be the skills. In order to boost up the skills, you will have to put additional hours into the study. After all, you cannot ignore the important questions when you appear for the examination.

Minimise Stress:

the ideal strategy of study is to minimise the stress when it nears the date of examination. As the date of exam approaches, you need to minimise the stress level. The best way to study is to study in small time slots. You need to arrange the time and divide it into slots. With the right energy levels and concentration powers, you will be able to provide the space to your brain when it comes to the exam. Excess stress will take a lot of toll on the brain, and you will tend to forget facts.

What To Do On The Day Of The Exam?

The best way to solve the MCQ part is to get rid of the east questions at the outset. There is no point brooding over the difficult ones all the time. Take a breather after a few questions and keep on solving them as you find it comfortable. You may solve a few tricky questions in the meantime if you want a change.

When you appear for the theory exam, make sure that you have the provisional licence with you, and when you are ready to hit the road, you will get the original one. The theory test is crucial for your permanent for the original licence, and you need to prepare well for the exam. The best way to ensure that you are well prepared is to appear for the online theory tests and mock tests. You will find the question pattern and another aspect familiar to the original test, and this will help you a lot crack the test.

Hope you will find the tips useful.

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Important Services Rendered By DVLA

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Driver and Vehicle licensing Agency or DVLA is a government agency responsible for administration of vehicles and the other important things related to them in United Kingdom. There are millions of vehicles in UK, and every vehicle has its own identification in terms of the number plate it holds. The license plate or the number plate are issued by DVLA. The licensing agency is authorized to help with everything needed for the vehicle as a legal entity.


Licensing Your Vehicle And More

The licensing agency not only gives you the identification of your vehicle but it is helpful with many other things needed before and after you has a vehicle. The licensing agency will offer you the number plate with the registered number printed on it in a very minimal amount.There is nothing hidden in the services of the company for which you can be fooled. There are many things you will need from a licensing agency, and it will help in the many different ways:

  • Get registration number for your vehicle
  • File your vehicle tax
  • Get a duplicate license,in case you lost the original one
  • Track your vehicles or others
  • The working condition of your car
  • Change in any residential or identity proofs.

Get Easy With Your Vehicle

You might be in love with a particular pattern of alphanumeric for your vehicle. The licensing agency will help you to get the desired number. You may get this through an auction or a bid, the information regarding the same can be availed from the DVLA Helpline. The vehicle’s working condition is also a matter of concern for the owner, so you can also get the health of your vehicle checked after some period of time. There are many more things that could be beneficial for you as a vehicle owner. You might have to track your vehicle in case it is lost or theft. The licensing companies often help with these matters.

Although the vehicle tax refund is a great responsibility of the licensing company but they don’t have anything regarding sending you emails or asking for your vehicle’s secret information like the MOT papers or other documents. One should always remain aware of these fraud communications. Another important document which the company gives you is the Entitlement certificate, for helping you with your vehicle in times to come.

The more you know about these driving and license companies, the easier it will be to get your vehicle secured and know about all the things that can harm it. You can easily get a personally customized number for your lovely thing and enjoy making memorable rides on it. For all the things you once have to wait out and stand in the long queue are over. The licensing company’s technological dependencies have made their way to the internet from the ordinary world. The agency has been popular among most of the people because of its best quality services.


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